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A doodle a day – Day Twenty Eight

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A Doodle A Day - Day Twenty Eight

Day Twenty Eight

A typographical doodle

Today I have tried to combine typography with patterns. You may hove noticed that I have come to like the criss cross wire fence type pattern which I’ve used in previous doodles, so I decided to take that pattern and combine it with typography in order to create a different style. To quickly get underway I selected the common font type ‘Helvetica Neue’ and used that as a base for the doodle. Once I had resized it and set the tracking I then expanded it so that I could work with its vector form, giving me the ability to manipulate the doodle and add the pattern.

Once I had the text the way I wanted it, it was then time to make it look a little more interesting. I decided to use the pattern and build up a little more highlight along the edges of the letters.This I think, enhanced the image a little. Then I outlined all of the text and added a stylised pen and scribble to finish off the doodle, using the same technique for highlighting as the text.

After some initial playing around I think today’s doodle while being simple in its composition looks more detailed and elaborate than it first appears at a glance. Almost like the blue print sketch for a house.

I hope you have liked today’s doodle. There are only two more days left of the thirty day trial but don’t forget if you have missed any doodles so far in this series then take a look around the blog or check out my Facebook page where you will find links to all the posts and other things.

Note: All designs, sketches,  etc are copyright and remain the property of Simon Cross and cannot be used for any purpose other than for your own inspiration.


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