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A doodle a day – The Conclusion

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A Doodle A Day For 30 Days - The Conclusion

This is it the end, the finale, the concluding part of my ‘A Doodle A Day for 30 Days‘ series and hasn’t time flown by?

Over the last few weeks and I have seen myself experiment with different styles, sketches, techniques and create numerous different characters, a few backgrounds, some patterns and designs – all of which I don’t tend to get time to usually do within my day job.

What have I learnt?

This trial has taught me many things, including that sometimes it’s hard to stick to a routine and do something everyday, especially when it can be quite time consuming and you have a million and one other things to do. But here is my top five things I have learnt:

  1. It’s sometimes hard to come up with a great doodle and it takes many sketches to get to something that works.
  2. It takes time to think, sketch and finish a piece of work. More time than I had originally thought and most of my doodles aren’t even finished articles.
  3. Doodling is a great way to block out the world and focus on something that is most of the time in my case out of this world, different and not your every day client project.
  4. Trying out new things, techniques and ways of working that you haven’t done before can be fun, but also can be challenging.
  5. You can do anything if you put your mind to it, a cliche I know but hey sometimes it’s true.

My favourite doodle

Blu ProfileOk, so you would have seen many a doodle over the last few weeks and I have come to like most if not all of them. But if I were to choose one stand out doodle that I have enjoyed working on the most then it would have to be ‘Blu’ from day thirteen. It was a joy to work on, creating some emotion and adding the little details to make the character almost come to life was fun. Even though it is such a simple figure and shape it still took some time to get it just right. No doubt you will have your own favourite and I would love to hear which one was yours.

The experience

It has been great for me to take the time each day and focus on something that I do enjoy to do, which is creating. There is an instant gratification when you see something come together right in front of your eyes and you know that you are the one that did it. You don’t have to wait for other pieces of the puzzle to come together before you start seeing the result. Awesome! Like I mentioned above it hasn’t always been easy trying to come up with something that I am proud of and there have usually been many variations tossed around before I put together the final doodles for the day. But this has taught me that it takes considerable time to design and get things right. If you don’t take the time then you end up with sub par designs that reflect badly on you.

It’s been challenging at times to fit everything in around my daily work and schedule especially at the weekends. Kind of wish I had just stuck to weekdays for this trial, but I still managed to do it and I can take away great satisfaction from that. I would definitely recommend trying this (or something  else you want to make a habit of) for 30 days and seeing whether or not it is for you. You learn many things about not only what you are trialing out but also about yourself, your routine and your character to stick with something. I will no doubt never stop doodling and this experience has given me insights into different areas that I wouldn’t usually go into, but now will explore more.

I hope you try out something new and if you do decide to take on a challenge I would love to hear what it is.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my doodle a day.

If you have missed any doodles in this series then please take a look around the blog and you will see many a doodle, or failing that check out my Facebook page where you can keep up with everything.


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